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Image by Giulia Bertelli


Softezia is a small business born out of passion where we have been creating unique crochet products. Our desire to reinvent this craft and create sustainable products, pushes us to keep our work fresh and novel.

Every product is made with utmost care, allowing us to perfect the shape and size. Our products can be customized as per your requirements. Please take time to explore their handcrafted products.

We make handcrafted crochet products, using cotton, wool or velvet yarn. All products are sanitized before packing & shipping.

Kids, Teens, Pets and Home décor enthusiasts find our products interesting; all of whom could use a reusable plastic substitute in their everyday lives. In our own little way, we feel our products help give back positively to this planet we call home. 

Our products for kids are toys made for enhancing skill development and develop their sensory skills. These toys are soft and can be used without worry of babies eating color or plastic items. 

Our Home Décor & Accessories are modern, boho, unique, washable and sustainable. The team keeps innovating to make new designs, and can customize the same based on your home décor aesthetics. 

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