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Softies as Therapy for Anxiety

These Softies are more that sweet toys. They bring joy, a sense of calm and sensory inputs to the young kids. Small toys are portable, easy to carry, some of them even in pockets. They help children & adults who have Anxiety, Sensory difficulties, Attention & focus difficulties, Depression & Autism.

Toys for such needs are stuffed with lavender or lavender essential oil drops. Lavender is effective in promoting relaxation and easing anxiety. You can also ask for your favorite scent.

Introduce the toy to your child as a buddy who wants to help the child's worries go away.

Toys with green color serves as a visual reminder that he/she is working to return to the Green (Calm) zone.

For adults with anxiety, these small toys to be used on their work desk, which helps to reduce anxiety.

A few anxiety reducing toys are - Bedtime bunnies, bunny in a carry bag, bunny with a bed, cat pillow, bees, mini dolls, jelly fish and more

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